A Home For Christmas

Director Editor

Stacy, a successful chef in Italy returns home 5-years after the passing of her dad. She, along with her sister Mindy, decide it’s time to sell the family’s home and move on especially now that Stacy is relocating to Italy to marry her fiancée Micah in January. Her upcoming marriage and Italian food-network TV cooking show dictates that the perfect window to accomplish this task is over the Christmas holiday season.

With so many memories of Mom & Dad lingering in every corner, Stacy decides she wants to re-create the family’s traditional Christmas holiday spirit one last time. This journey begins by Stacy reaching out to her childhood female best friend Ross now an accomplished real estate agent. Ross tries to convince Stacy to hire James, the best contractor in town. However, James was also Stacy’s childhood sweetheart who she hasn’t seen nor spoken to for 7-years. Against her better judgement she gives in to Ross’s pitch, logic and personal motive (you see, Ross has a big crush on the new carpenter James recently hired).

This entire situation sets up some terrific, interesting, emotional, awkward, funny and romantic moments especially when Stacy’s fiancée Micah shows up from Italy unexpectedly to surprise her for Christmas.