Free Advice

Director Editor

Bellucci Productions was hired by the producers of the film, to direct and capture the enigma of world-renowned motivational speaker Steve Maraboli. When he’s not on stage giving speeches, he’s outside giving people FREE ADVICE. We used hidden cameras around NYC to capture his message.

World leaders, Top Athletes, Celebrities, and millions around the world seek the insight and advice of Steve Maraboli, but it’s what he does in his downtime that makes “Free Advice” an instant classic that restores hope in the human condition and re-ignites the fire within.

This unforgettable documentary follows this highly sought-after advisor and life-changing speaker as he anonymously sits on a park bench in any given city or country while holding a sign that offers, “Free Advice”. Steve’s words have been published in 25 languages and he has been quoted in thousands of books… and you may have just walked past him.